Sally Super, a novel in progress

The History of Sally Super

Sally Super grew out of my fondness for Gladys Williams, a character in the Tom Bethany series. Gladys was a coroner’s assistant who became a medical student and would have become a doctor eventually. Still might, if I ever go back to Bethany.

I put Sally Norcross in charge of an apartment building so as to provide her with a constantly changing cast of characters. I put the apartment building in New Haven because university towns attract odd and interesting people, among whom are convenient experts in practically everything.

As I got going, Sally became more and more different from Gladys, and is by now almost entirely different. This is probably a good thing. If you’ve read the Bethany books and feel otherwise, though, let me know.

I’m posting the manuscript as I go along partly in the hope that it will be a way of keeping my feet to the fire. I also hope for reactions and assistance. Here and there, for instance, you’ll see the letters TK; in the magazine world they mean To Come. (Why not TC? I don’t know.) TK indicates that the writer counts on the research department to provide the correct date or address or whatever. CK stands for Check, and signifies that the writer isn’t quite sure of what he just wrote. If you can help, please do so.

I’d also appreciate hearing about inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and errors. Time lines that don’t track, things that seem illogical or impossible, characters whose physical descriptions change between chapters. All objections noted, all inquiries welcomed, and all correspondence answered. My email address is at the bottom of the page.

On some days, semi-intelligible notes to myself will appear at the end of the manuscript. These are to remind me the next day of what I’m supposed to be doing, although by then I may have decided to do something else entirely. INVISIBLE LINE

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